Monday, September 26, 2011

Character Designs

Starting on character designs. Have a scale of the main basic characters.

Some more explorations with the Crow

Scene to Render and some Pre-Vis

The scene I plan to take from concept to final 3d product is a shot from the Fight Scene, where the Crow and the Songbird have their final showdown.
I've done a bit of Pre-Visualization for the environment the fight is going to be in.

Here's some pictures of the setup.

More Color

Needing to explore the meaning of color within my own story, I decided to take some notes down and create a basic theory for myself for "The C&S" world.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beat Board Draft 3! + Color Script Draft 1

More finalized beat boards, yay! After doing more iterations, I've come up with the third draft for the beat boards. The story feels a little stronger in direction now and I am moving onto the final look for the beat boards soon.

Also started on the color script. However, I don't like the feel of the colors just yet. Their placement is fitting somewhat with the story, but the colors are Also started writing notes on the color theory of the story. Interestingly enough, there is an average of four scenes in between the major events.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beat Board Updates

1st Draft at Beat Boards

Starting at the 2nd Draft. Have iterations for each beat to help explore compositions.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Basic Story Beats

These are the basic moments and flow for the story.
  1. There is a town ruled by a Lord and Lady who have not been able to conceive. An old mystic woman comes to their aid, and decrees for them to kill off all the crows in town. Aino, a young crow at this time, is the only one who survives.

  2. Aino grows up in the forest, away from people, unable to forgive them for how they massacred her family.

  3. One day, the wolves of the mountain attack her. Though she is helped out by her friend, the wise stag, she is still hurt and is told to hurry and fly away to safety.

  4. Aino flies until she reaches a cabin in the woods. That is where her energy falls and she falls to the ground, and slips into unconsciousness.

  5. Aino wakes up to a young man named Ensio. He takes care of her, and though they have a rocky start of a relationship, Aino ends up falling for Ensio despite her grudge against humans.

  6. When Aino is better and is able to return to her part of the forest, she tells the stag about Ensio and is reminded of the real distance between them. She is a bird and he is a human. Her love will die with her. But Aino is not satisfied with that and ponders on how to tell him. She wants to say it with her own voice but it is so coarse and ugly. How could she properly express herself with it?

  7. One day Ensio is gone from the cabin. Aino is able to find him at the castle of the Lord and Lady.

  8. She slips into the wrong room to find the songbird.

  9. Ensio comes into the room with the Lord, Lady, and the mystic. Ensio saves her by chasing her out before she is killed by the Lord and Lady. But she still feels betrayed that he could be associated with the people responsible for the crow massacre. She won't believe it and is sure he is there under force. She is determined to go in and see with her own eyes if he really has joined them.

  10. Aino talks to the stag who sees her devotion. Sends her to the Spirit of the Mountain to grant her wish.

  11. Spirits strikes up the deal with her. Tells her Aino can't do anything to be human, but she can trade places with the songbird for a little while.

  12. The crow goes to the songbird with the deal, hoping she can see everything and do something when she's there. The songbird agrees and they switch bodies.

  13. As the songbird, Aino tries to see how Ensio is. He tries to coax her to sing as the songbird, which Aino finds hard to do. She tries to communicate how impossible it is at the moment but instead Ensio becomes frustrated. He tortures her by using the same whistle he used to call the crow, just with a different addition to the instrument. If she does not follow the tune he plays for her, she will hear the bad noise.

  14. Aino falls into despair as it dawns on her that Ensio might actually be the same as the other people. She feels alone again.

  15. The interaction with Ensio continues and she learns to force the song. She is so very sad though. Indeed the Lord and Lady think it sounds beautiful. Afterwards Ensio is praised for his training technique. However, when they leave, Ensio falls to his knees and apologizes to the songbird. He is ashamed of himself for using such methods. If she sings well it will save the both of them. Aino wants to forgive him but cannot bring herself to sing the song she wants to sing. Ensio leaves, distraught.

  16. Aino performs officially for the Lord and Lady but does not sing the song they want her to sing. She has forgiven Ensio and has confirmed that she does love him, so she tries to sing her song. The mystic halts the performance before Aino can finish, convincing the Lord and Lady to hurry and eat the bird so that they can be granted fertility.

  17. Ensio takes Aino in a cage with him as he escapes. The mystic runs after them, desperate to have the “songbird” back.

  18. The real songbird (who is still in the crow's body) is still in the forest. She has made a deal with the Spirit of the Mountain to be able to stay in the crow's body if she can kill her and eat her heart. She also makes a deal with the wolves of the mountain so that they can help her kill Aino who is still in the sonbird's body. As she watches Ensio and Aino escape, the songbird sicks the wolves onto the chasing mystic out of her own hate and so she can be out of the way.

  19. Then the songbird sends the wolves to attack Ensio. They dislodge the cage from him and Aino is able to escape. Ensio is chased off by the wolves. Aino and the songbird meet again.

  20. She finds the songbird, thinking that the songbird has the good intentions to switch back bodies, but instead she still has some wolves with her and is intending to kill her. The songbird and Aino fight, whilst at the end of their spell. Aino wins out, with the songbird falling to the ground, and having changed back to her old body at death, is devoured by the wolves.

  21. Ensio, who is able to dispense of the wolves chasing him, hears the song Aino was singing at the ceremony(This isn't really her singing. It's more as if her spirit is calling out to him). He tries to follow the song, whistling for the bird. Aino hears this and tries to fly back to Ensio. But the spell is wearing off and she has not switched back bodies. She is dying.

  22. Aino is unable to keep flying and falls to the ground once again. This time though, in a familiar place, the home of the spirit. She calls out to the spirit again, pleading to grant her a little more time so that she may say to him what she needs to. But the spirit does not answer. Ensio finds her.

  23. The crow is dying, and Ensio finds her as the last of the songbird's body disappears. He tries to understand what is happening. The crow is able to see in her last moments in her body, the spirit come up behind Ensio. She is beckoning to the crow gently, and the crow closes her eyes.

  24. Ensio is sad at having lost his friend. But then, the crow comes back, her spirit not yet having left. She sings to him her song, and hugs him goodbye. Her spirit is at peace and leaves. Ensio finally realizes what has happened.

  25. Ensio, gives Aino a proper burial. He sings the song to her grave. He does this everyday and more and more time passes. Aino is reborn in the body of the Lord and Lady's new baby, and Ensio and Aino are able to meet again.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Project

My senior year at LCAD is now underway. I have prepared a little story called "The Crow and the Songbird", based loosely off Han Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid", and will be taking this story from concept to a fully rendered 3d scene. Though my major is Game Art, I want to work in visual effects for films and also in game cinematics. Through this process I am hoping to gain the skills I need to be on my way. Wish me luck!

Grace L.