Saturday, October 1, 2011

Story Changes

So some story changes:
1) Taking out the Mystic Woman character.
2) The Lady now has a bigger role in the story. She's a mute who is going mad over her hearing. She hoards things that sound good and gets rid of anything that sounds bad.
3) Taking out the child/pregnancy angle for the Lord and Lady.
4) The ending is happier now with the young man becoming a crow himself by saving the Crow.

Also worked on cutting the story down to some bare bones.

There was a Lady who banished all the crows off the mountain where she lived, except for one. This crow grew up in the forest where she fell in love with a young man. Yet she was so ashamed of her own voice she could not bring herself to tell him she loved him. One day, the young man was not in his home, and the Crow found him at the palace of the Lady as a trainer for a Songbird.

The Songbird's voice was beautiful and the Crow wanted to switch bodies with her so she could finally tell the man that she loved him. In a great performance, the Crow finally sang to the man, and he fell in love. He and the Crow escaped from the palace. They were attacked by the Songbird who wanted to kill the Crow to keep her body. The birds fought and Crow won. However the Crow was dying because she could not go back to her original body. The man gave up half his soul to the Crow so that she may live, but in doing so became a crow himself. They lived happily together in the forest.